Its Saturday night, and all is quiet......

Normally I would be sewing, But with a healing finger thats impossible! I dont have my kids with me tonight so I'm twiddling my thumbs LOL, Been searching the net for perfect tutorial and adjusting them to create kits for those who's starting out at sewing, I've made it as easy as possible then I thought.... but I've been sewing for quite some time! Maybe what seems easy to me may not seem easy to you LOL,

So... Time for a giveaway! I'm going to offer 2x kits, 1 of skirt, dress in materials of my choice at the cost of postage $6.00, You must be a beginner, own a sewing machine, and have a bit of time on your hands :P Those who reported back within a week of receiving how they went with them will receive $5 credit back

Just comment here to go into the draw, 
know someone who would be interested? invite them here! :D 

I also will be doing something special once I hit 2000 too!!! so keep an eye out here :) 

I am still slowly adjusting the jazzyrose collection as much as I can to have them ready by the time my FIRST AD comes out in the SHOPOLAT magz!!!!!

Havent signed up yet? Grab a FREE copy, they will be due out in june~ a beautiful little magz filled with many wonderful online stores :) 

kids are starting to settle a bit so hopefully things will start getting better in the next few weeks!!

I'm also selling off all my non handmade stocks and some handmade stocks via!/album.php?aid=171728&id=83665028931&ref=mf

so come along for a look :)

okay back to drooling on the net at the things I COULD make :(

Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday!

with much love,
Jasmin Gearhart

Hello and welcome to JLKB 2010 blog

I'm not much of a blogger but I have been alarmed lately how pages have been deleted without warning~ so I have decided to re-start my blog for the purpose of posting competitions or give-aways that i will have going,

as some of you know~ I have been moving houses and have finally SLOWLY settling in~ the kids however another story :( They are really quite unsettled so that leave me really busy~ There is some orders I am meant to work on but being a single mum is tough when your children routine gets badly interrupted and starts acting and I think the terrible twos have hit the household! No wonder I'm so tired! LOL, i seriously need a helper :D

I cant wait til things settles and i can start creating again!
I also have no internet at my new house and have mainly been relying on my iphone-moblie laptop
so that means i also cant post up my jazzy rose items~ ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!  (all the files and photos, info etc is on my main computer) so hopefully the next few days i can start posting more items and release it for sale!

Some of you may notice that i also have a store on my facebook page to make it easier for you! currently it only accepts paypal~ website accepts DD, paypals and laybys!

I will have a very special opening night soon with special discounts exclusively for my facebook "likers"  stay tuned for the dates!

I also would love to reach 2000 "likers" before i release jazzy rose! :D so im going to run a comp :D

i'm going to let YOU choose what I could do once JLKB hits 2000 likers~

simply comment what sort of comp u would like me to run below :)  maybe 2 x jazzy rose outfit made to to most refers? or a chatroom game? or questions via jlkb fanpage? be creative! :D