I know, I suck at keeping this blog updated.....

BUT.........Hello Everyone!!!

I swear I'll start getting into this soon, Got so much news to tell! But I seriously am lacking in the time department, Being single mum isnt that easy to do on top of trying to create line of clothing in time for the summer season which I have decided to bypass winter and jump to Summer, Just not enough time to do that AND deal with everyday life :)

But........... in the next few weeks, I'm going to have so much time on my hands,
I wouldnt know what to do with myself so be hearing from me then!

In the meantime, Check out some pictures I've post of the beautiful Knot dresses I've been making, I simply love this dress!!!!

I also have been starting on my Kids labels in hope to have it released by Summer, I've decided after some feedbacks to call it Jazzy Kidz in the line of it being my name as well as being Jazzy/funky, Cool huh? PLEASE let me know what you think of it?

Posted my label which I would maybe use to create the labels on the clothings,
I've trying to think of a solid shape Icon picture to use as a Banner,
Any idea?! I loved an icon I saw on the handcraft website (which I also have joined.. more about that soon!!! but feel free to visit www.ozhandmade.com in the meantime) with a solid bird sitting on the branch but I wanted something children related... Maybe a child running with an kite??? any ideas??? :)

Before I ramble on further I'm going to sign off (LOL) It has been a bit crazy here lately!! And I'll be back soon with yet more stuff :)

Jasmin xo

Summer Collection

Welcome to Blog 2!

Hi again, Welcome to my second Blog!

Again I'll warn you I am NOT much of a writer (LOL)

However I thought this would be a great way to keep you updated,

I've been working hard on my new website, with little time I have with my kids :)

Its coming along quite nicely, not the way I wanted it but what i can do with almost no budget! But... I just want to live out my dreams, I'll start at the bottom!
I hope many of you will support me on my journey,

Why am I doing this? Other than what I first mentioned on my first blog is to be able to stay home with my two beautiful yet cheeky kids and not miss out on all their achievements, I have always dreamt of creating/designing my own clothing line as well some days be able to set up this funky Cafe/Kids store that I have been drafting for many years, NOW is the time to do SOMETHING!

I started building up the online store early last year with no experiences, learning as I go along of course making alot mistakes but learning from it, I can confidently say that I am almost getting to where I want to be,

I also have started experimenting with clothing and many of you either have or will see my creations, I would LOOOOOOOOOOVEE any feed backs! Once my webstore opens which will first only open to private members on facebook, *join here* I am seeking some cute pictures to add to the website under winter collection and some feed back for names randomly drawn from hat, I realize the prize isnt much, But I have started out on extremely low budget to try to get to where I would love to be, its what I can do :)

I hope you enjoyed reading my ramble :) more to come.....

Welcome to my FIRST blog!

Hi everyone, I thought I would start a blog about myself and JazzyLee Kidz Biz.

My name is Jasmin and I am a WAHM with two beautiful children, Kailey, 4 and Connor, 2,

JazzyLee Kidz Biz was formed in 2008, after deciding not to return to work, I couldn't bear to leave my children so I decided to look into something else I could do, After thinking awhile and searching I came up with creating an online store where I could bring everything into one store for busy mums! I know how precious time is. It can be difficult to go to the shops, and often you don’t have the time, or capability to get out as much as you would like. If you are anything like me, a mum who looks forward to having "Me" time after the children goes to bed for the night, a cuppa and chocolate to relax in front of the computer, shopping at your own leisure, and having it delivered directly to you without having to drag kiddies around the store... *we all know how much they love shopping!!!) who could ask for more??

I thrive on challenges, and as a hearing-impaired Mum, I’m well accustomed to over-coming them, and excelling in my endeavors, just like many other Mothers. I have a passion for shopping and for great quality and affordable clothes for children, so creating an online business was the perfect solution. I love being able to stay home with my children, while helping to provide for my family.

JazzyLee Kidz biz have a wide range of licensed clothes, including many bargains and some higher end fashion lines specifically for children. I’m excited about JazzyLee Kidz Biz, and I’m committed to providing excellent products and customer service to my clients. I am always striving to improve and constantly searching for more!
I am currently in the process of designing and manufacturing my own clothing line, which I hope to have available for sale this year.

I am not much of a writer.. but I hope you enjoy my first blog,

Please be sure to come and visit us at www.jazzyleekidzbiz.com.au
We are currently having MASSIVE summer sale, with savings up to 75% off!
So do come and visit us and grab some beautiful bargain.