Welcome to Blog 2!

Hi again, Welcome to my second Blog!

Again I'll warn you I am NOT much of a writer (LOL)

However I thought this would be a great way to keep you updated,

I've been working hard on my new website, with little time I have with my kids :)

Its coming along quite nicely, not the way I wanted it but what i can do with almost no budget! But... I just want to live out my dreams, I'll start at the bottom!
I hope many of you will support me on my journey,

Why am I doing this? Other than what I first mentioned on my first blog is to be able to stay home with my two beautiful yet cheeky kids and not miss out on all their achievements, I have always dreamt of creating/designing my own clothing line as well some days be able to set up this funky Cafe/Kids store that I have been drafting for many years, NOW is the time to do SOMETHING!

I started building up the online store early last year with no experiences, learning as I go along of course making alot mistakes but learning from it, I can confidently say that I am almost getting to where I want to be,

I also have started experimenting with clothing and many of you either have or will see my creations, I would LOOOOOOOOOOVEE any feed backs! Once my webstore opens which will first only open to private members on facebook, *join here* I am seeking some cute pictures to add to the website under winter collection and some feed back for names randomly drawn from hat, I realize the prize isnt much, But I have started out on extremely low budget to try to get to where I would love to be, its what I can do :)

I hope you enjoyed reading my ramble :) more to come.....

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