I know, I suck at keeping this blog updated.....

BUT.........Hello Everyone!!!

I swear I'll start getting into this soon, Got so much news to tell! But I seriously am lacking in the time department, Being single mum isnt that easy to do on top of trying to create line of clothing in time for the summer season which I have decided to bypass winter and jump to Summer, Just not enough time to do that AND deal with everyday life :)

But........... in the next few weeks, I'm going to have so much time on my hands,
I wouldnt know what to do with myself so be hearing from me then!

In the meantime, Check out some pictures I've post of the beautiful Knot dresses I've been making, I simply love this dress!!!!

I also have been starting on my Kids labels in hope to have it released by Summer, I've decided after some feedbacks to call it Jazzy Kidz in the line of it being my name as well as being Jazzy/funky, Cool huh? PLEASE let me know what you think of it?

Posted my label which I would maybe use to create the labels on the clothings,
I've trying to think of a solid shape Icon picture to use as a Banner,
Any idea?! I loved an icon I saw on the handcraft website (which I also have joined.. more about that soon!!! but feel free to visit www.ozhandmade.com in the meantime) with a solid bird sitting on the branch but I wanted something children related... Maybe a child running with an kite??? any ideas??? :)

Before I ramble on further I'm going to sign off (LOL) It has been a bit crazy here lately!! And I'll be back soon with yet more stuff :)

Jasmin xo

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