A new project!

I've been working on some new projects for a little while now and I am super super excited!!!! It will be quite a while before all will be revealed, and I'm very hush-hush! No one knows whats happening except for my designer, SOOOOO excited!   Did I tell you HOW EXCITED I AM? I am just so happy to finally slowly getting my motivation back, it has been quite flat for a while :( living in a 1 bedroom flat with 2 kids tends to scramble up some emotions :( Plus I've been having issues with the flat.... MOULDS!!!!!! omg.. its everywhere!!! :( and one bad lucks after other!   The most recent is... my poor darling princess broke her collarbone! :(  my poor baby!  but she been quite a trooper, so proud of her.... not so proud of her milking for new toys for all her worth! LOL 

Anyway! That aside :) 
I have been sewing up a storm with lots lots lots lots lots BRIGHT COLOURS!!!! and I recently taken up knitting again, well.. attempting to knit :) I tried crocheting first...... failed....  mega FAIL! I just couldnt grasp it! I'm sure someone will show me somedays and I'll be like..."that easy?!"

Couple weeks ago I ran a little treasure hunt via my FBpage, That was so much fun!
I'll be doing this on friday monthly! So I'm hunting for businesses who wants a free expose to their website, FB page or blogs :) Simply all you will be doing is adding my logo somewhere on the evening, small donation of your items or specials for the night would be greatly received but not required,

I should go and do some mummy stuff while the kids are asleep ;) 

Keep an eye out on my blog for some tiny sneak peek in the next few weeks!!! :D :D

With much love

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