Sale Night!

JLKB is having another sale night! YAY! 
I have created another sale folder with some really cute stuff, I am trying to clear most non handmade store as I plan to re-open before summer as handmade store~ I am taking quite few months break so shutting down the website over the weekend, BUT I'm still selling via my madeit store~ not as much pressure to stock store when I cant at the moment :)

I even managed to sneak in some Jazzy Rose label! :D *View Here*

I am also offering a super cute black and white Butterfly clip above FREE for those who tag JLKB about my sale via your profile! Isnt this cute and classic? 
The lovely Simone from Incy Wincy Bows! made them especially for me :) Love Butterflies! So I'd love to see it going to a lovely home :) 

I'm also offering one of my handmade leggies!  Here's some of the examples 

Just too cute!

I am also opening up my chatroom about 8pm via my website for a game of bingo and simply to chat/have fun/ draw the prize/ask me questions! :D 

I really hope to see you all there!!

BTW a little suggestion, in order for me to see your tag via profile you need to click on the padlock in your status bar and ensure its set to everyone so i can see it, you can unlock it afterward :) 

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