JLKB is super proud to make a very LONG OVERDUE announcement!!

It has been extremely long in coming, But I hadn't realized how much hard work it would be, it has taken me this long since I've photographed the last Jazzy Rose clothing range, But I promise you its really worth it!! :D  I know i am a procrastinator

Constantly saying new range will be released but kept getting it put forward due to hitting a wall, trying to cope with two young children on my own, living in a mould infected house (yuk! I moved out in hurry!!)

I have to say... for the single mums out there, you should give yourself a HUGE PAT ON THE BACK!!!  it takes a very very strong woman to struggle along!
 I'm amazed!!!

I am thankful that I have moved out of my mould infected house back to where I was where I get more help with my very over active kids! and getting back to enjoying sewing again!!!


So.... I'm announcing that our BRAND NEW WEBSITE will be opened on the 10/10/10!!!!!!!!!

I am SO excited I cannot wait!!!  I have been busily making  many clothing very differently than you are used to seeing, 
This time I am bringing in LOADS OF COLOURS!

Here's some fabrics sneak peeks 

Arent they stunning?!?!?!?!

I also am hosting a MYSTERY HOSTESS PARTY on the day of the launch!!!
Everyone who ordered from the new website will go into drawing to receive $30 off their order with every total of $300 spent!!!!!! (ie total party order of $740 2x mystery hostess will receive $30 each!!)
Also everyone who signs up for the newsletter prior to the launch will receive secret discount to use!! 
AND layby will also be available on the new website!!!!

How exciting is this?!

Here's some sneak peek of the clothing I have made and will be selling at the 
I'd love to see you there! very exciting brand new handmade market on the Central Coast and I'm really excited to be part of it!!!

Loving the colours! :D 

Another GREAT news for those who has girls! Weeks leading up to the launch 
I will be calling out for product testers to test my various new products!

This week I have 
1x Magic Pom wand
1x Rose Pom hairties
1x Pom headband  
1x Pom Clipies

Do you have a girl who loves pretties? 
Would you like to receive one of those for FREE?
Check out the photos! :D 

Arent they stunning?!?! 
I LOVED making them!!

How do you get them? Simply comment below which one you want to test and why?
 Also comment what you think of the prices,
 2x mini clipies~ 2x hairties~1x Headband $6 each and $8 for the wand?
And tomorrow night at 8.30pm Erin and I will be picking 4 person to be lucky to receive them! 

Hope you enjoyed reading this and I'd love to hear from you too!!

Lots of love, 



  1. OMG you Rock Jaz!!!!
    Those bright colours are just stunning :D

    And I'm lovin' those pom pom hair clips *drool* and those prices are very reasonable.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. 4yr old shrieks with delight. I want the wand. Plllllllllease!!!!!! Loving all the colours, just waiting to see the boys range now so keep sewing :) Loving how colourful and summery everything is you will most definitely be sending me broke this season!

  3. Congrats Jasmin (& Erin too) - wow, you have been super busy. Good luck with the website launch too on 10/10/10.
    I dont have any little girls but I think the prices seem reasonable for the items. The wand looks super cute & I would love to win this for my cousin as she thinks she is a little fairy all the time :)

  4. Hi Jazzy!
    We'd love to try the mini clippies - my girls have super fine hair, so we could test them for "stay in hair-ability!"

  5. Forgot - prices are bang on the market handmade hair accessory wise - it's something I've researched :)

  6. Hi Jazzy

    Would like to try out the wand my girls love them and seem to break them LOL.

    Prices seem about right :)


  7. Hi Jazzy,

    Can't wait for the new website to be up and running. Jordyn's favourite piece of clothing is the twirly pink skirt that made!!! Would love to test the little hair clippies and see how they hold up on an active 3 yr old.

    Love all the colours you have shown and will definitely be ready to shop!!!

  8. Hi Jazzy,

    Loving all the colours the vibrancy - so summer...
    I reckon one of my littel princess would love the pom pom headband....I can't get anything else in her hair as she wont let me and the other fairy will have to be jealous for a bit..hehehe.....

  9. oh Jasmin this is all so exciting! I will come to the hand made market and look for you there!

    I would LOVE to trial a pom pom headband and use it not only for my little miss Annabelle who is a pretties junkie... but also for use as a photography prop in my studio.

    You're doing an awesome job by the way, being a single mum of two little kids... it's hard in a partnership let alone without! hats off to you hun!

  10. I would LOVE to try the hairclips, hairties or Headbands. Preferrably headband as my little Miss almost 3 LOVES headbands at the moment and tells everyone how pretty she looks in them.

    Big Pat on the back for you. It must have been hard while being on your own in an infested house.

    As for prices... I think are relatively normal for these types of things. If others have them cheaper its usually because they aren't very good quality.

  11. You are one amazing woman... I didn't realise all this behind the scene stuff girl!! CRAZY!! Bubble would totally love the wand ( i would pay $12 for one) as she is great at wielding a light sabar... Or the head band as she hasn't got enough hair yet lol... Give her time!!

    If you are doing the wands in purple put me down for one at the market...lol

    Xo Steph

  12. These are soooo gorgeous. I love them all. Pricing is great, I would buy one of each! I would love to try the pom pom hair ties. My little one has fine hair but I have an outfit I made and did make pom pom hair ties for her with wool. They are tight and she doesn't like wearing them but they look so cute with a pink polka dot dress I made. Therefore would love to win these ones as they would match so well..... Chris

  13. I love the previews we have been getting! Your new blog looks great cant wait to see the new site :)
    I totally love the Pom Pom range you are going to be bringing out and I will have to have all of them LOL and the prices are great! Giselle would love to try the headband, she looks gorgeous in headbands as you know :)

  14. My little princess would love the headband to try - ever since her older cousin put a headband on her and when we got home and she realised she didn't have any here at home to use - well let's just say 'TANTRUM'! (and i quickly hightailed it to the shops to buy her one the next day LOL)

    Prices are very reasonable.

  15. Oh my goodness these poms are so adorable!!! My girls loooove hair accessories, so we would happily try the clippies, hair ties or the headband.
    And as for the price...yes, yes, yes, sooo reasonable.